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For this tutorial, we are going to start with a fresh Linux CentOS virtual machine. The virtual machine should have at least 6GB RAM and 10GB disk. MetWork Framework can run with much less RAM but we are going to do a full install, including administration tools.

Your virtual machine should have access to the Internet. On a CentOS VM, you might need to activate the Internet access from ‘Applications / System tools / Settings / Network’.

First, register the MetWork Framework stable repository. Login as root, copy the following command and paste it in a terminal.

cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/metwork.repo <<EOF
name=MetWork Stable

MetWork Framework is organized in modules. We are going to install the webservice module: mfserv.

# As root user
yum -y install metwork-mfserv

As we are going to play with nodejs services, we need to add the nodejs support for mfserv with:

# As root user
yum -y install metwork-mfserv-layer-nodejs

Just in case make is not installed on your system, as we need it to play with mfserv plugins :

# As root user
yum -y install make

That’s all we need for now!

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